That one proud moment

One of the proudest moments of my life has to have been the day I turned in my Master’s Thesis.

All through grad school, I would keep myself motivated by going to the Great Reading Room at the library.  You know that room,they show it in every college movie.  Giant vaulted windows, long wooden tables with lamps, rows and rows of books on the wall.

At OU, when you publish your thesis or doctorate, it is bound in cloth, embossed with your name and title, and filed in that room.  So when I would struggle and want to quit, I would go to that room and find the place my thesis would rest.  That would be enough to keep me going.. i was NOT going to lose that spot.  It was MINE!

So strangely, turning in my thesis for publication was a prouder moment than defending my thesis, or receiving my diploma.  It was foundation shaking.


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