What a difference

a few years makes.

When I graduated High School, I wanted to set the world on fire!  I was so gung-ho to do something IMPORTANT.. and I failed miserably.  But I discovered two passions along the way.

  1. I learned that raising a child to be a good human being is, in a way, setting the world on fire.  Making sure that your child has manners, and compassion, and a worth ethic, and is well rounded with a sense of humor is HARD FREAKING WORK.. and worth every minute.  Because she’s my ripple in the pond.  One good person inspires others to be better and the ripple spreads.  So it’s a slow fire, but it’s a good one.
  2. Teaching is my other passion.  I love to help someone find something new, discover talents they didn’t know they had, or just become slightly more open to the world.

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