Pack Weight… I could be in trouble

Tomorrow, TiAna and I are headed out for our second training hike. So while I was getting my stuff together tonight, I decided to update my Lightpack list and see where my weight is at.

I drug out everything I have accumulated and wrote down weights if they were given, and guesstimated everything else.

Wait, I hear you asking, what is a Lighterpack list. Well buddy, it’s the best website out there for estimating what your pack will weigh before you get on the trail. Here’s my list so far…

22 pounds doesn’t look so bad, right? yeah, but notice all the things I don’t have weights for yet… some of those are clothes, and those puppies weigh a lot.

I’m also missing food, and that runs about 2 pounds per day … and at minimum you need to carry 4-5 days at a time.. so that’s another 8-10 pounds.

I know, I have 8 months still to figure this out, but I’m really stressing it tonight. As soon as I buy the rest of my clothes, I’m packing the whole bag and heading to REI to have them weigh it professionally.. and then tell me what I don’t need to take.


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