Hiking Boots.. the struggle is real

I bought a new pair of hiking boots.  Well, new to me.  I bought a pair of gently used Merrell Moab 2 boots from REI Used Gear.  I have been debating two or three types of hiking shoes and thought that if I could get them used to try out before buying a “new” pair, why not?

So $50 for a pair of boots.  That’s a fantastic price btw. New, these are between $100 and $140.

I’ve been wearing them for a couple days trying to break them in and see what I think of them.  The first day was hell.  I put them on as they came from REI and my right foot hurt all day.  My toes felt pinched and the ball of my foot felt squeezed.  Only one foot, though, so I kept trying them.

Day 2 I loosened up the laces some on the right foot and the ball of my foot felt better, but the toes still felt pinched. So better, but not great.  I really want to like these shoes because the Moab comes really highly recommended by hikers.

Day 3, today, I wore them to the Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival.

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I had once again loosened the laces around the toe box and ball of my foot and they were much better.  All told, I put about three miles on my feet today and although my toes still feel a little pinched, they were better.

Next, I think I will put some good insoles in them and see if that alleviates the last of the pinching.  I also just found out that they come in wide widths, so if I can get these shoes to being anything near comfortable in the next couple weeks, I will probably buy those.

Other than my toes feeling pinched on one foot, this is a damned good shoe.  Good traction, the arch has decent support, the heel doesn’t slip and the left foot was completely comfortable, so I’m sure it is something I haven’t figured out yet with the right one.


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