Ten Years of Dreaming

Around ten years ago, I discovered the Appalachian Trail and started daydreaming that I could walk it.

A movie, a documentary really, called 2000 Miles to Maine is what got me.  You should watch it. It’s available on Amazon.



At the time, I had a fifteen year old that I was single mom’ing it with, a career as a high school teacher that was going nowhere, and husband number three was hot-footing it out the door.

I’ve kept that dream burning in the back of my mind ever since.  I’ve read every book I could get my hands on (I will be doing book reviews as we go… I’ve read some doozies) and I planned.

I made gear lists, food lists, mail drop lists.  Have you noticed I like lists?

In 2018, I decided that I would give myself a 50th birthday present and I WOULD hike that trail.  I turn 50 in January of 2020, and I will be setting off in March.

I’m still reading, I’m still making lists.. but I’ve moved out of the dreaming stages by starting to buy my gear.  *squeeeee* my tent and trekking poles arrived yesterday.  One of the things I’m doing this weekend is learning to set up the tent!!

I’ve also gained a hiking partner, Tiana.  She is setting up her blog, but I will link to it later so you guys can meet her.

It looks like this ten-year-old dream is going to come true, finally!



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